Vinitaly – A Trek to Verona filled with Italy’s Best

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Geoff’s Top Wines from Vinitaly! 2012 Frescobaldi Nipozzano Chianti ($24.00) Buy Now> 2015 Tenuta San Guido Guidalberto ($38.00) Buy Now> 2011 Massolino Barolo Parafada ($80.00) Buy Now> 2014 Antinori Tignanello ($105.00) Buy Now> 2014 Sassicaia- FUTURES ($148.00) Buy Now>   Vinitaly is the most important week of the year in the Italian Wine World.  It […]

Cocktail: “The Final Say”

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Cocktail: “The Final Say” Fend off the June Gloom with our twist on the classic ‘The Last Word’ cocktail  with Wally’s ‘The Final Say.’ With tequila instead of gin, this Prohibition-era drink gains a new bite but maintains its balance of sweet, sour, and delicious . In an ice-filled cocktail shaker combine all four ingredients and […]

The Must-Have Cheese for your Summer Picnic

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Mahon, a port city on the island of Menorca, is the namesake for our cheese this week, Mahon Riserva. Menorca, the most remote of the three main Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Mallorca are the other two), has been a cattle farming island for centuries, which includes its long cheese-making history. There are over 600 dairy […]

Common ‘Wine Terms’—and What They Really Mean

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Sometimes talking about wine can seem like dancing about architecture: impossible. Many people don’t quite know what they want or are looking for in a wine, and worse still, they may not use the right language to convey their meaning. Corked wine – Wines become corked when they get infected by a bacteria called TCA […]

The All-Stars Were Shining…

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By Gary Fishman, Wally’s Domestic Wine Buyer   The buzz keeps buzzing about the success of Wally’s latest staging of its incomparable Napa/Sonoma All-Stars Tasting.  The event, held from 2-5pm on April 23rd in two spacious ballrooms of The Olympic Collection, drew an appreciative audience of nearly 700 serious wine aficionados who swirled and sipped […]

Taste the Wine World at Wally’s Beverly Hills

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At our wine-by-the-glass program at Wally’s Beverly Hills we offer over 120 sensational selections. It offers our guests a fantastic opportunity to taste wines of the world and unfamiliar varietals without having to order an entire bottle. It is also a great way to try a few different glasses and combinations to pair with each […]

The Purple & Blue Salad

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I have concocted this colorful salad because I believe every chef should have a signature salad. However, calling it the Chef’s Salad seemed too simple, too generic, so the Purple and Blue Salad was born. I worked closely with our expert cheesemonger team to source the perfect blue cheese to complement this special salad of […]

Our Favorite Spring Cocktail

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The Wally’s Beverly Hills Bar Manager, Carl Roberts, has been an emblem since the restaurant first opened in 2015. Carl honors classic cocktails, but he also adds his own signature twist to excite your palate and enhance your Wally’s experience. Carl’s featured cocktail this month is TD’s Spicy Margarita. This refreshing cocktail is made with […]

A Landmark Vintage Heralds A New Era In Bordeaux

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By Geoff Pattison, Wally’s Bordeaux Buyer To shop our 2016 Bordeaux Futures click here! There were a lot of new descriptors on people’s lips in Bordeaux this spring. Precise. Energetic. Transparent. Miraculous. Revolutionary. But if there is one word that I think sums up the vintage it is: Unprecedented. THE WINES Overall the 2016s are […]