Wally’s Exclusive Central Coast Cuvées

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By Perry Koon, Central Coast Wine Buyer

Wally’s reputation has been built on offering our customers unique and rare wines that are hard to find anywhere else. Thanks to our relationships with wineries all over the world, we are fortunate to get exclusive access to boutique wines and sometimes even entire single vineyard productions. Our most successful and well received endeavor, however, has been our exclusive cuvée program.

Over the past several years, Wally’s has worked in conjunction with a few top-tier wineries, such as Patz & Hall, Ken Wright, and Tayson Pierce, to produce unique, small-production blends exclusively made for Wally’s. We are selective in making these and only work with producers who share our passion for elevating the food and wine experience. We create blends that capitalize on our connections, creativity, and have a consistent quality level, so year in and year out our customers can confidently know they are getting a wine that is delicious, ready to drink, and sure to impress.

Below are our current Wally’s Exclusive Central Coast Cuvées!

  1. 2014 Paul Lato Les Bons Amis Chardonnay: $55.00 (Limited Quantities Available)
  2. 2016 Margerum Libertine Sauvignon Blanc: $24.00 (Limited Quantities Available)
  3. 2015 The Hilt Cuvee Fleur Pinot Noir: $45.00 (Pre-Offer)
  4. 2015 The Hilt Cuvee Fleur Chardonnay: $45.00 (Pre-Offer)
  5. 2015 Paul Lato Les Bons Amis Pinot Noir: $75.00 (Pre-Offer)