National Grilled Cheese Month is here! Another Amazing New Sandwich at Wally’s!

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National Grilled Cheese Month is here! After the success of last year’s grilled cheese creations, we are extremely excited to bring you a fresh batch of gourmet grilled cheeses designed by our very own cheesemongers every week of the month.

3 31 lorenzo'sWe are going to kick April off with a grilled cheese, El Salsero, by Lorenzo Broadnax, one of our cheesemongers in Wally’s Cheese Box. After a salsa tasting with Heidi’s Salsa, he had the inspiration to include salsa into our classic grilled cheese, which includes aged Gruyere and Emmental on brioche. The rest is history!

Here is what Lorenzo himself has to say about it: “When I add Heidi’s Happy Medium salsa to a grilled cheese, I am comforted with the memories of growing up in NYC eating pizza. The salsa adds a pleasant spice and twist to a classic grilled cheese. If you like grilled cheese with a mild spice and tomato soup then this is the perfect sandwich for you.”

Lorenzo’s April Grilled Cheese Sandwich, El Salsero – Order Here

3 31 caveCave Aged Emmental

Famous cooked cheese from Switzerland, fruity tasting and distinguished by the large holes in the paste. Cave aged for 14 months, it is sweeter and stronger than ordinary Emmental and this one won a coveted gold award in the 2003 World Cheese Awards.

Cave Aged Emmental – Sale Price $16/lb. Buy Here


3 31 kaltbachKaltbach Gruyere Cave Aged

This Swiss Alps classic using raw cow’s milk and traditional rennet. Each wheel weighs ninety pounds and has a pebbled brown rind. This Gruyere is aged in natural caves whose bacteria and air add complexity to the full flavored, smooth, rich, nutty, and slightly sweet flavor.

Kaltbach Gruyere Cave Aged – Sale Price $20.96/lb. Buy Here


After growing up in a Mexican family surrounded by food, Heidi of Heidi’s Salsas began re-creating some of the salsa recipes that she grew up enjoying. Soon her friends and coworkers were demanding more and more. In 2009 Heidi entered her salsa and won first place in the 30th Anniversary of Los Angeles Farmers Markets salsa contest. We are excited to be carrying her salsas here at the Cheese Box. Made without any corn based preservatives or vinegars, these salsas are the real deal. If you are a fan of authentic salsa, you have to try these salsas!

3 31 heidis mediumFor the Happy Medium Salsa, Heidi uses her original recipe of finely chopped tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice as the foundation. She then adds in more spice to give it a stronger heat. Great for those that want to flirt with heat but don’t necessarily want to be in pain.

Heidi’s Happy Medium Salsa – Sale Price $6.49 – Buy Here



3 31 heidis hotCan you say ouch? If you are the kind of heat lover that likes to forget what it’s like to taste, then this is your salsa. For Chupacabra’s Revenge, Heidi uses the same fresh ingredients chopped and prepared that you find in the Original, but then takes the heat to extreme heights.

Heidi’s Happy   Chupacabra’s Revenge Hot – Sale Price $6.49 – Buy Here



3 31 heidis mildThis Mild Salsa is for those that want to get that fresh taste of tomato and cilantro without the hot burning a spicier salsa will carry. The use of lime juice adds an extra element of freshness that will bring you back chip by chip.

Heidi’s Happy  Original Mild – Sale Price $6.49 – Buy Here