Grilled Cheese Month Continues With Bradley’s “The Jam”

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The grilled cheese mania continues! For the second week of National Grilled Cheese Month we will be making a Fiore Sardo Pecorino, Pastures Cheddar and guava jam grilled cheese on Brioche. If you love grilled cheese, come on in and just ask for the ‘The Jam’!

4 07 sandwich the jamBradley’s April Grilled Cheese Sandwich “The Jam” $8.99 – Order Here

We asked Bradley to describe his sandwich: “Often when I pair cheese with accoutrements; I hunt down a combination of salty and sweet. The contrast allows for me to find unique and interesting flavors that would be lost otherwise. I fell in love with the Guayeco Guava Jam the first time I tasted it, so I knew I had to use it on my grilled cheese. Fiore Sardo is a cheese that has a permanent place in my refrigerator at home, and Pastures is a cheese that I have been excited about since we received our first wheels in the shop. I am pleased to combine these flavors together to create a slightly sheepy, salty and sweet gourmet grilled cheese for you all to enjoy.”

4 07 sardoFiore Sardo – With a paste more golden than is usually found in sheep milk cheeses, Fiore Sardo has a hard natural rind that is banded by black wax. This semi-hard cheese is sharp and savory and the slightest shaving of it brings simple, olive oil-dressed pasta alive. This is one of those cheeses that is just as good to slice and eat as it is to use in your favorite dishes.  Also, this cheese is very versatile for pairing and will match well with many white and red wine varietals.
Sale Price: $15.20 / lb – Buy Here 


4 07 pasturesPastures by Saxon Homestead Creamery – Pastures is a 4 month aged cow’s milk cheddar made in Wisconsin by Saxon Homestead Creamery. Pastures has a creamy, semi-firm texture with mellow crisp flavors of grass and hints of sweetness on the finish.
Sale Price: $20.00 / lb – Buy Here 




4 07 guavaGuayeco Guava Jam – Guayeco 100% Natural Guava Jam is made in small batches with fresh guava fruit and no fillers, corn syrup, or preservatives. This deliciously thick and sweet jam is the most flavorful guava spread you’ll ever try. Guayeco is a family-owned company with over 50 years of experience. Cheesemonger tip: Try this jam with Koko’s Coconut Gouda for the ultimate island taste.
Sale Price: $6.49 each – Buy Here