Asombroso – A Truly “Asom” Tequila!

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Asombroso – A Truly “Asom” Tequila – and we’ve got them at Wally’s.

Wally’s employees recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting Asombroso Tequila founder Ricardo Gamerra , who told us about his love for tequila, the founding of the company, his individual experiments to make the best Tequila possible (including the use of Bordeaux Barrels to age his Tequila), and last but not least, allowed each of us to sample four of his stellar and award-winning tequilas.asombroso french oak

“Rich”, as we call him, is one of the most enthusiastic and affable guys that we’ve met here at Wally’s, and I can’t think of a better guy to  join on a fishing trip out to Baja’s Cedros Island, and pull on a few 35 lb. yellowtails with. And yes, we’d love to share a few drinks of Asombroso with him, and learn some more stories on the making of his “Asom” tequila. He cuts no corners in making his fine spirits, and if you’re looking for the “Grand Cru” in the world of Tequila, look no further.  An true adventurer at heart, Rich also has begun aging his Reposado tequila in Port barrels, which were selected and purchased in Portugal by Rich himself.

Asomboso Tequila is made from 100% from 7-10 year old hand-selected Blue Agave plants, and these unique Tequilas tantalize the palate as well as the eyes with their beautiful signature bottle – and of course their pure and distinct flavors. All these Tequilas have been recipient of multiple Gold and Double Gold’s at the San Francisco World Spirits competition.

asombroso silverEl Platino Silver – Aromas of licorice and fennel prepare you for a mellow blend of green olive and peppery flavors. Fantastic for mixed drinks as well.



asombroso la rosa theirs



La Rosa Reposado – a beautiful pink color, and also the This is also the World’s first Tequila to spend three months in Bordeaux Barrels (which were initially chosen and shipped from France by Richard himself!), which imparts not only a beautiful and rose colored fingerprint, but floral scents and a complex vanilla and spice finish.




asombroso gran 5 yrGran Riserva Extra Anejo – aged 5 years in new French Oak casks – named “Best of the Best” by Robb Report Magazine – this sipping tequila is as complex as a fine Cognac, with its honey, vanilla and toffee components.





In addition, Rich is bottling his first commemorative edition tequila, a unique tribute to automotive icon and personal friend of Rich, the late Carroll Shelby. The El Platino silver tequila has a special bottle, fittingly colored in a beautiful cobalt blue with two vertical white racing stripes, one of the signature features of Carroll’s racing cars.asombroso shelby theirs

Asombroso 11 theirsWe were also treated to the impeccable 11 year aged Tequila – also named  “Best of the Best” by Robb Report Magazine; this Tequila has a complexity and smoothness like no other, with Armagnac-like flavors of hazelnut and butterscotch.