Massiglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil – From Napa Valley to Your Table

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It’s Not All Wine In The Napa Valley: Massiglia Olive Oil

massigliaWe now take a small break from the world of wine to introduce one of our favorite new products: Massiglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Like wine, olive oils are composed of different varieties of olives and reflect their terroir in much the same way. It’s no coincidence that the greatest oils come from regions with strong winemaking traditions: Tuscany, Provence and Andalucia have long been among the stalwarts of first-class oil. Over the past decade, the Napa Valley has emerged as a powerful player in olive oil. The closeness to home adds the extra benefit of superior product freshness. Massiglia EVOO comes from the St. Helena estate of the same name. It is pressed on the same day it is hand-harvested. The blending is superb: Frantoio, a fruity and grassy Tuscan varietal and one of the most revered in the world; Leccino, which brings mellowness to the blend, also Tuscan; Maurino, another Tuscan varietal that adds pepper and spice; and Nocellara, a Sicilian varietal that is ripe, pungent and equally revered as a table olive. And best yet, it’s a great deal. Prices for quality oils can be quite high, but this one is right in the sweet spot. Folks, you haven’t had olive oil until you try this heavenly elixir.

Made in Napa Valley on the Massiglia St. Helena estate using olives harvested by hand and pressed the same day. This unique blend of Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino and Nocellara olives creates an aromatic nose with hints of hay and bright herbaceousness. On the palate Massiglia olive oil is round, harmonious and well balanced with fruity notes of pear and white fruit accentuated by an underlying nuttiness.

This Olive Oil is ideal for dipping fresh bread, creating vibrant salad dressings (with a touch of Balsamic and Dijon), and displays its nutty and fruity notes beautifully in a Spaghetti with Garlic, Olive Oil and Red Pepper Flakes!  In stock at Wally’s Cheese Box along with all the amazing vinegars and mustards you could ever imagine.

Massiglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ML – Buy Here