Academy Award Cheese and Chocolate at Wally’s Cheese Box!

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The Academy Awards are coming up, and what better way to watch the show then with some cheese and chocolate! We’ve put together some decadent treats to highlight that you are sure to enjoy while watching those stars walk the red carpet.

2 27 tartuffoBoschetto Al Tartufo Sale Price $32.96/lb. Buy Here

Blend of sheep and cow’s milk loaded with truffle bits and aged for two to three months. The combination of cheese and truffle is beautiful and intoxicating. There is a near perfect balance of the taste of sweet, savory, slightly salty cheese and the woodsy, garlicky truffle.



2 27 brilliatBrillat Savarin Sale Price $20.00/lb. Buy Here

Brillat Savarin is a cow’s milk triple crème cheese that was invented in the 1930s. Named after famed French gastronomist Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, the natural rind is edible and complements the buttery, creamy center. It is rich and decadent and pairs beautifully with Champagne! Our wine experts here at Wally’s recommend the 2010 Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc as a great pairing with the Brillat Savarin.

2 27 pottersPotter’s Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps Sale Price $5.50 Buy Here

Potter’s Crackers is a family company started in 2006 by Peter Potter Weber and his mother Nancy Weber. They hand-make all of their products using organic and local butter, produce, and locally milled flour. The company, which began in Wisconsin but now has a branch in California, creates a variety of hearty crackers that pair beautifully with many of the cheeses we offer at the Cheese Box. Their Potter’s Crisps are packed with rolled oats, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds in a tantalizing nutty, fruity, cranberry hazelnut flavor. The crisps are a little lighter in texture than the crackers, and we’ve been enjoying them with hard and soft cheeses!

2 27 terrysTerry’s Toffee McCall’s Dark Chocolate Sale Price $7.50 Buy Here

McCall’s Dark is their classic toffee enrobed in a luscious dark chocolate and dusted with Georgia pecans. After taking a course called The Artist’s Way in 2002, Terry of Terry’s Toffee felt compelled to begin production of a toffee based on his Grandmother McCall’s recipe. He made that toffee for the holidays with his partner Michael and began making more after numerous requests from family and friends. He still uses the recipe from his Grandmother and is now known as the McCall’s Classic. Since then Terry has developed several other styles of toffee inspired by his travels abroad and the tastes and textures of these new cultures. Terry and Michael opened a Toffee Shop in Chicago in 2005 and have had their toffee featured as a treat at the Academy Awards since that time.