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LA Beer1Local LA Breweries! If you like flavorful and distinctive beer, you’re either a craft beer lover, or a craft beer lover in-waiting. And, if you live in Los Angeles, you will soon realize that we live in one of the meccas of all of Craft-Beer-Dom with not only the ready availability of these fine brews, but that many breweries are within distance for a nice weekend drive. After visiting these local breweries, remember your favorites, as Wally’s always carries a full supply of these local gems. Our suggestion is to get a carpool of beer lovers, pay for your designated driver’s meal, put on some indigenous LA Rock n’ Roll (the Doors, Van Halen or Jane’s Addiction will suffice) and “bend an elbow” in true Southern California style.

El Segundo Brewing
Brewed 11.7 miles from Wally’s

El Segundo brewery was created in 2011 and is located on Main Street in El Segundo. Their passion is hop-centric brews, bursting with big aromas and balanced bitterness. Most of the beers are named for local landmarks in the South Bay and can thankfully be found on tap all over town.

Their label icon and mission statement sums up rather succinctly their views on the craft beer industry in general: “The Blue House represents small town America. Main Streets fostering small businesses, and real connections to real people. It represents the true American ideal of being able to support yourself, and forge ahead in to the great unknown. Which to us, is exactly what Craft Beer is. Brash, brazen, bold, and unapologetic for being so.”

Wally’s currently carries:
El Segundo Blue House IPA $6.99, 22oz
El Segundo Citra Pale Ale $6.69, 22oz
El Segundo Grand Hill IPA $6.99, 22oz
El Segundo Two 5 Left Double IPA $8.99, 22oz
El Segundo White Dog IPA $6.69, 22oz

Angel City Brewing
Brewed 13.6 miles from Wally’s

Angel City first burst onto the LA beer scene back in 1997 before the real “brewery boom” caught on. In 2004 they operated from an 8,000 barrel brewery in Alpine Village, and relocated to the Arts District in Downtown LA in 2010. The Brewery and Public House opened in February 2013 and offers a variety of rotating beers, including brewery exclusive brews. It’s a fun area to park and walk to a number of exciting and moderately priced restaurants, and to of course grab a pint at Angel City! Their parking lot also features food trucks on a nightly basis.

LA Weekly recently voted Angel City LA’s “Best Art Deco Brewery”, and wrote: “ If you crave finely crafted ales and lagers in a setting where you can pleasantly spend a day or bring a visitor, look no farther than Angel City Brewing Co. in downtown Los Angeles.”

Wally’s currently carries (call for availability):
Angel City Angeleno IPA $3.99, 22oz
Angel City Eureka! Wit $3.99, 22oz

Golden Road Brewing
Brewed 15.6 miles from Wally’s
Located in Glendale, Golden Road features an on-premises Pub that features over 20 beers on tap as well as a menu full of fresh-ground rib eye burgers, Bahn Mi, pulled pork and veggie burgers.

Wally’s currently carries:
Golden Road Cabrillo Kolsch $2.19, 16oz can
Golden Road Point The Way IPA $2.19, 16oz can
Golden Road Hefeweizen $2.19, 16oz can
Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds $3.29, 16oz can
Golden Road Get Up Offa That Brown $2.19, 16oz can

LA Beer2
Eagle Rock Brewing
Brewed 17.2 miles from Wally’s

“Established in 2009 by Jeremy Raub, wife Ting Su, and father Steven Raub, Eagle Rock Brewery was the first microbrewery to open its operations in the city of Los Angeles in over 60 years. This family-owned microbrewery is dedicated to the production of artisanal beers using the best ingredients, and to the ongoing development of the beer community in Los Angeles.” Eagle Rock features food trucks on weekends, and a tap room to taste their beer – where “byof” is welcomed!

Wally’s currently carries:
Eagle Rock Manifesto $5.69, 22oz
Eagle Rock Populist $5.99, 22oz
Eagle Rock Revolution $5.69, 22oz

The Dudes’ Brewing Co.
Brewed 17.9 miles from Wally’s

Started in 2011 in Torrance, by Strand Brewing Company’s original head brewer Jeff Parker and two friends, this up-and-coming brewery plans opening a tap room soon. Until then, you’ll just have to come and get some of their original brews from us directly!

Wally’s currently carries:
The Dudes’ Double Trunk Double IPA $3.09, 16oz can
The Dudes’ Grandma’s Pecan $2.29, 16oz can

Strand Brewing Co.
Brewed 19.2 miles from Wally’s

Also hailing from Torrance, Strand Brewing welcomes you to taste their original Ales and IPA’s in their taproom and bring your own food as well! Recently featured in LA Weekly, which wrote about the entire South Bay brewing community: “Torrance easily possesses the largest concentration of beer brands in Greater Los Angeles”.

Brewery info:

Wally’s currently carries:
Strand 24th Street Pale Ale $4.99, 500ml
Strand Beach House Amber $4.99, 500ml

Beachwood BBQ & Brewing Co.
Brewed 28.2 miles from Wally’s

With Pubs located in Seal Beach and Long Beach, Beachwood serves a full menu of amazing slow-cooked BBQ which serve as a perfect accompaniment for their wide selection of beers. From double IPA’s to Stout to Hefeweizen, they have all the essentials covered.

Wally’s currently carries:
Beachwood BBQ Still Life Stout $13.69, 22oz
Beachwood BBQ Full Malted Jacket $13.99, 22oz
Beachwood BBQ Melrose IPA $9.39, 22oz

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