Zalto: The one wine glass to rule them all

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A wine glass is a wine glass, no?   Yes.  I mean absolutely not.   The size and shape of the bowl and the amount of wine in it directly affect the entire wine enjoyment experience.

Zalto Burgundy

And anyone who loves wine – regardless of what kind – will often be caught swirling around between sips sensing for hidden nuances or the next intriguing aromatic.   A proper wine glass – even a basic one – is required for this type of behavior (it certainly won’t work in an old-fashioned).  And now we have the ultimate reason to swirl and explore:  Zalto glassware by Denk’Art.

“When I was introduced to the glass in 2007, initially I was skeptical,” admits Le Bernadin chef sommelier Aldo Sohm.  “It was presented as the best glass in the world, and that’s a pretty bold statement. But then I started testing it and fell in love with the glassware.”   It’s truthfully hard not to fall bowl over stem with Zalto’s dramatic, lightweight design that is touted as dishwasher safe (according to the designer).

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Zalto Bordeaux

“It’s a glass you love to hold in your hand,” says Sohm – and he’s right.  The sample glasses we received at Wally’s are on display in the executive offices, and have become magnets for the hands of passers-by.  But the reason Zalto is the one glass to rule the wine world, is because of its ability to elicit the best of any wine that graces its bowl.

Zalto Universal

“The Universal stem is great for mineral-driven white wines such as Riesling, Gruner Veltliner, and Chablis,” confirms Thomas Pastuszak of NoMad, “The delicate, perfumed components are able to take center-stage, while the fruit characteristics of the wine play a supporting role.” Likewise, the Burgundy, Bordeaux and yes, Beer glasses are equally as charming with their respective, suggested contents.

The Austrian designer of the hand blown glasses uses the tilt angles of the earth as inspiration for the angles of the glassware. This aligns with the ancient Roman notion that these specific angles enhance flavor and preservation.   Pretty intense talk for a vino vessel.  So to pose the question again: Is a wine glass just a wine glass?  The drinker is ultimately the judge, but be forewarned, one sip from a Zalto could change your answer.

Wine Critic Robert Parker on Zalto

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